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Find videos for every fitness level and mood!

pilates 1.jpg

Pilates makes you strong from the inside out, centers your body, straightens you up and makes your... read more >

barre 1.jpg

Train like the dancers! - Barre workout is an energetic training on the ballet bar. For your home workout you... read more >

floor barre 1.jpg

Our signature Floor Barre Workout offers you an alternative to our Barre Workout. All Barre positions... read more >

Balletttechnik titel.jpg

Barreworkout not only uses the principles of Pilates, but also those of classical ballet. Ballet is more >

Mamfit 1.jpg

Our Mamafit training strengthens your core, trains your posture for everyday life with your baby and builds more >

hiit 2.jpg

The BBW is a powerful and intensive mixture of strength elements and endurance training. In this... read more >

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Stay tuned!

Yoga 2.jpg

In our Signature Yoga Stretch Class, we combine restorative yoga postures with active stretching read more >

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Stay tuned!

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